In Los Angeles, the Chinese language newspaper with the largest circulation is Chinese Daily News, also known as World Journal. Then, it is followed by Sing Tao Daily, and China Press.

Chinese Daily News

(Also known as [World Journal](world-journal.html))

Chinese Daily News, also known as World Journal, is the leading Chinese newspaper in Los Angeles.  Published by the Taiwanese United Daily News Group, the newspaper prints between 64 to 128 pages daily in traditional Chinese characters.  As the majority of affluent Chinese in Los Angeles are from Taiwan, Chinese Daily News leads the two other major Chinese newspapers by readership and advertisement prices.

Sing Tao Daily

Sing Tao Daily is the second largest Chinese newspaper in Los Angeles.  Most of Sing Tao Daily's readership is Cantonese speaking Chinese American from Hong Kong.  Therefore, Sing Tao Daily focuses its news towards catering this group of affluent Chinese people.

Sing Tao Daily gained its readership before a few years before 1997 when a large group of Hong Kong people decided to emigrate to Los Angeles and other cities before the Chinese takeover of Hong Kong.

The China Press

The China Press is the third largest subscription based Chinese newspaper in Los Angeles.  Most of the China Press's readership is recent immigrants from Mainland China.  A relatively young Chinese newspaper in Los Angeles, it focuses its news content to those of Mainland China.  Thus, it is considered a pro-Chinese government newspaper in Los Angeles.

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