Before the digital age, there was only one non-cable, non-satellite Chinese television station in Los Angeles. That is KSCI Channel 18. With the conversion to digital TVs coming into place, Chinese Americans in Los Angeles are able to watch more Chinese TV programs without having to install cable TV or satellite equipment.

Here, we shall attempt to list all Chinese TV stations in Los Angeles that have high ratings and have cooperative relationship with news agencies or TV stations of Mainland China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan

Summary of Chinese Television Stations in Los Angeles

Chinese TV Stations in Los Angeles Targeted Audience Language
KSCI Channel 18 Chinese Americans, Chinese from Mainland China, Taiwan, who may or may not subscribe to cable television Mandarin
Phoenix Television Chinese from Mainland China who subscribe to cable television or Chinese programming package Mandarin
ETTV Chinese from Taiwan, and Chinese from Mainland China who enjoy watching TV programs from Taiwan and who subscribe to cable television or Chinese programming package Mandarin
TVB Chinese from Hong Kong who subscribe to cable television or Chinese programming package. Cantonese

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KSCI 18 Los Angeles

KSCI Channel 18 is an independent television station operating on channel 18 in Los Angeles and on channel 48 (KUAN-LP) in San Diego, California. On air since 1977, KSCI 18 has served Asian communities in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, Ventura and San Diego counties. KSCI Channel 18's programs are also carried by DirecTV and DISH Network satellite services.

KSCI Channel 18's Chinese local programming include "LA Living", a Mandarin-language show hosted by Juliette Zhuo that deals with life in LA for Chinese Americans, featuring interviews with guests. The Chinese television station also produces news programs in Mandarin ("LA 18 Evening News").

Contact KSCI 18 Advertisement Sales: 626-487-8909

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