Most Cable TV companies carry Chinese programs in areas where there is a large concentration of Chinese residents. For example, in Los Angeles, Charter Communications carry a few Chinese language channels in their packages. Below is a list of Chinese programs that are frequently carried by cable companies.

Chinese Satellite Televisions provided by DISH Network:

  • Phoenix North America Chinese Channel

    Features up-to-the-minute news, current affairs, financial market updates, variety shows, and dramas from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Programs include Good Morning China, City Complex, Trendy Guide, Perfect Match and more.

  • Sky Link TV

    Cable Television station and satellite TV based in Los Angeles.

  • ET News

    ETTV News satellite programs.

  • TVB2

    TVB1 caters to the specific viewing habits of West Coast viewers. Features the most updated Hong Kong daily news, popular TVB dramas, entertainment and variety shows, cartoons and news/travel magazines.

  • CTI

    CTI features up-to-the minute news programs and features, financial information, and a variety of entertaining programs.

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