Soufun, the Largest Real Estate Internet Portal in China

Founded in 1999, SouFun is China's largest real estate web site and organizers of Chinese real estate buying groups to the United States.

Each month over 44 million users visit SouFun's website, with over 1.3 billion page views conducted as people access China's most comprehensive database of new and pre-owned homes, homes to rent, and home furnishings and fittings information. Among them, many people would like to purchase real estate properties in the US for investment, or for the education of their children.

Chinese Advertising Agencies, Inc. - Soufun Real Estate Marketing Agent

Chinese Advertising Agencies, Inc. is Soufun's real estate marketing agent in the US. Should you wish to market your real estate properties to potential Chinese buyers, we can offer you marketing solutions. Please contact us for more information.

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