Before the digital age, there was only one non-cable, non-satellite Chinese television station in New York. That is SinoVision. With the conversion to digital TVs coming into place, Chinese Americans in New York are able to watch more Chinese TV programs without having to install cable TV or satellite equipment.

Here, we shall attempt to list all Chinese TV stations in New York that have high ratings and have cooperative relationship with news agencies or TV stations of Mainland China, Hong Kong, or Taiwan

SinoVision (Channel 63)

SinoVision was launched in 1990 as a Chinese language television program provider serving the Chinese-American community in New York City and parts of Long Island, northeastern Pennsylvania, Upstate New York, southern Connecticut, and northern New Jersey with news, and a variety of entertainment programs in Mandarin. SinoVision's programming airs on WMBC-TV (Channel 63), broadcasting from Newton, New Jersey and is available on most area cable systems. Programming begins daily at 11 PM with a half hour evening newscast. From 11:30pm to the end of the programming block at midnight, an irregular lineup of variety shows, holiday specials, movie and music award shows, documentaries, and dramas are shown. SinoVision's non-news programming is almost exclusively imported from China Central Television.

Market Coverage

  • Five Boroughs of New York City
  • New Jersey, Connecticut, and sections of Pennsylvania
  • Long Island, including Nassau County and part of Suffolk County
  • Upstate New York including Westchester


  • UHF/Cable WMBC-TV 63
  • NYC TV 73 (A service of NYC Department of Information, Technology & Telecommunications)
  • Long Island Cablevision Channel 18


Prime time on WMBC-TV63: Mon. to Sun. (11pm – 12am)
Prime time on NYC TV 73: Mon. to Sat. (7:30pm – 8pm)
Mon. to Sun. (8pm – 11pm, except Fri.)
Fri. (10pm – 11pm)
Prime time on Long Island Cablevision Channel 18: Mon. to Sun. (10pm – 11pm, except Wed.)
Wed. (11pm – 12 am)

Target Audience

Over half a million Chinese population in the greater New York area

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