Chinese American Media Consumption and Purchasing Behavior Survey 2006 Provided by Chinese Daily News


25 minute telephone interviews conducted in 3 key markets, each with substantial Chinese American populations - New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Survey population: Chinese adults 18 or older, who speak and read Chinese (Mandarin/Cantonese).

Survey conducted by Interviewing Service of America

Facts About Regular Chinese Daily or World Journal Readers

Of those who read Chinese Daily or World Journal, Chinese Daily or World Journal is read regularly (at least once a week) by 9 out of 10 consumers who read approximately 4 issues in an average week and spend nearly 5 hours a week doing so.

  • Average time spent reading English language papers (hours per week) 2.7
  • Average time spent reading Chinese newspapers (hours per week) 4.3

Purchases - Goods Chinese-American consumers are active shoppers

Grocery shopping

  • Asian markets, supermarkets, delis and drug stores are all regularly shopped in.
  • 90% shop in supermarkets once a week or more.
  • 36% indicated that they would be more likely to shop at mainstream supermarkets if they carried more Asian food products
  • Nearly 20% indicated that they would be more likely to buy non-Asian packaged foods if advertised in Chinese newspapers

Top products Chinese Americans would like to purchase within the next year:

  • Men’s/women’s shoes, athletic shoes
  • Men’s, women’s, children’ clothing
  • Athletic apparel
  • Skin care products/cosmetics
  • Mobile phones

Fact About Regular Chinese Daily or World Journal Readers

Chinese Daily or World Journal readers are more inclined than non- readers to purchase items including athletic shoes, men’s clothes and shoes, personal computers, TV/digital TVs, DVD players, video games, fine jewelry and I-pods/MP3 players.

Purchases-Services Chinese-American consumers are active shoppers

Activities Chinese Americans regularly participate in:

  • More than half regularly buy entertainment goods such as DVDs or CDs or rent movies.
  • Nearly half regularly go to the movies
  • Chinese Americans also regularly play the lottery, go to theme parks, go to casinos, attend major art exhibitions at a gallery or museum and attend live music events.


  • 96% of Chinese Americans have insurance
  • 83% have medical insurance
  • 83% have auto insurance
  • 65% have life insurance
  • 64% have homeowners insurance


The majority of Chinese Americans traveled domestically in the past year with 80% traveling for vacation

  • Top Frequent Flyer Program United
  • Top Car Rental Company Used Hertz
  • Top Cruise Line Taken - Past 3 years Carnival

Internet Usage

  • 66% of Chinese Americans have internet access
  • 60% of those have made a purchase online in the past year.
  • Consumers spend over $900 annually online.
  • More than 1/3 are very likely to make online purchases within the next 3 months.

Consumers are frequently online

  • approximately 25 times per month
  • Average Time Spent Online 17.5 hours per week (excluding email)
  • 10.1 hours for personal reasons
  • 7.4 hours for business

Demographics of the Chinese American Population

Average: Age 48, married and tend to be upscale: 2/3s are employed, more than half completed college or higher education level and the average income is $73,500.

68% preferred to speak Mandarin

Fact About Regular Chinese Daily or World Journal Readers

Chinese Daily or World Journal readers are more likely than non-readers to speak Mandarin (77% versus 42%).

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