About The China Press

The China Press started its first issue on January 5, 1990. The China Press is probably the third or the fourth largest Chinese newspaper in the United States. Focusing on news about Mainland China, it has access and rights to use news from news agencies of Mainland China. It also had exclusive interviews with leaders of China, including the President of China and the Chinese Premiers. Currently, The China Press publishes 52 to 60 pages each issue, including 16 to 20 colored pages, in 4 to 5 sections.

Political Stance of The China Press

The China Press, although it does not state so, is considered by most overseas Chinese residents to be a pro-Chinese government newspaper.

Distributions of The China Press

Printed in Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco, the China Press is distributed from these three metropolitans to Seattle, San Diego, Phoenix, Washington DC, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago and Atlanta.

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