Web Site Blocked in China? We Can Unblock Your Website from China

We can help you to make your websites accessible from China

Many websites currently hosted in the US are not accessible from China, meaning that visitors from China are not able to access your website from China. This thus becomes a problem your website is not read by people from mainland China.

Seeing this problem, we now offer the service of unblocking your website from China, making it accessible to them.

Conditions and requirements for you before you contact us.

1. You will need to let us know the domain of your blocked website.

In the past, consulting agencies have contacted us but refused to release any information regarding the domain of the blocked website. Without the domain name, we will not be able to conduct a thorough analysis on how to unblock your website using the most effective methods, nor will we able to give you an estimate on the costs involved. We are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement if you have confidentiality concerns.

2. You will need to let us know the full content of your blocked website.

Chinese government censors political sensitive materials. In order to unblock your website, we have to make sure that your website no longer contains sensitive materials.

3. You will need to sign a minimum two year agreement for using our website unblocking service.

It involves remarkable amount of work in unblocking your website. We have to make initial capital investment in providing our website unblocking service. Therefore, a minimum of two year agreement needs to be signed before we provide our service.

Details of our Website Unblocking Services

  1. We may contact the Chinese government and the relevant departments in charge of the Chinese Internet censorship bureaus to request them to unblock your site. Please note that if your site is blocked due to the contents of your site, then you would need to modify the contents to pass the Chinese censorship. Please also note that there are different departments in charge of blocking or censoring websites, and it would take time to locate the department that blocked your website.
    Because of the political sensitive nature of our services, we will not be able to provide more details on how we will unblock your website from China.

  2. We may provide alternative hosting solutions to help you, making sure that people from China can access your website. This is easier to do and does not take much time and financial resources.

  3. We may provide a mirror site for you so that Chinese visitors would be able to see your mirror site.


Depends on the structure of your website, ranging from $20 to $250/month

Please Contact Us for more information on how to unblock your website from China.

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