Chinese Americans are numerous in San Francisco, East Bay, South Bay, Sacramento, and the San Gabriel Valley region of Los Angeles County. The San Francisco Bay Area has a greater concentration of Cantonese-speaking Chinese. Southern California has perhaps the largest Taiwanese American community in the United States particularly in San Gabriel Valley, and in Cerritos, West Covina, Irvine (in Orange County), and some in the South Bay, Los Angeles Area.

List of Cities

The list of cities in California with a Chinese-American population in excess of one percent of the total population.

San Francisco, California 19.6% (152,620)
Oakland, California 8.0% (31,834)
San Jose, California 5.7% (51,109)
Sacramento, California 4.8% (19,425)
San Diego, California 2.3% (27,684)
Los Angeles, California 1.7% (63,075)
Fremont, California 14.4% (29,240)
Daly City, California 13.6%
Irvine, California 10.5%
Sunnyvale, California 9.56% (12,597)
Berkeley, California 7.4% (7,585)

Los Angeles County- San Gabriel Valley and Cerritos

With a Chinese American population of more than 400,000 in Los Angeles County, the majority are within the San Gabriel Valley, which are particularly noted for cities that have a Chinese American ethnic majority. The following cities have the highest percentage of Chinese Americans among the 40 cities that make up the San Gabriel Valley.

Monterey Park, California 41.2% (24,758) Predominantly Hong Kong and Mainland Chinese
San Marino, California 40.6% (5,260) Taiwanese
Arcadia, California 34.0% (18,041) Taiwanese, Mainland Chinese
San Gabriel, California 33.6% (13,376) Mainland Chinese
East San Gabriel, California
(unincorporated, but it has a San Gabriel post office)
28.2% (4,096)
Alhambra, California 33.1% (28,437) Mainland Chinese
Rosemead, California 29.3% (15,678) Mainland Chinese
Rowland Heights, California 29.0% (14,057) Taiwanese, growing number of Mainland Chinese
Walnut, California 28.6% (8,590) Taiwanese
Temple City, California 27.9% (9,322) Taiwanese
Hacienda Heights, California 22.4% (11,921) Taiwanese
Diamond Bar, California 17.9% (10,091) Taiwanese
El Monte, California 10.3% Mainland Chinese
Cerritos, California 15% Taiwanese

San Francisco Bay Area

Cupertino, California 23.8% (12,031) Taiwanese
Millbrae, California 16.5% Hong Kong Chinese
Foster City, California 16.3% Taiwanese
Milpitas, California 12.9% Taiwanese, Hong Kong Chinese, Mainland Chinese (Milpitas, California has one of the most regionally diverse Chinese populations in the United States.)
San Leandro, California 10.1% (8,147) Hong Kong Chinese, Mainland Chinese

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